Friday, January 17, 2014

Holidays 2013

The holiday season for us this year was so special. Of course, we had Hatcher for the holidays last year but this year he knew more about what was going on and was so fun to watch. We were so blessed to be able to host both Thanksgiving and Christmas at our home this year. It really makes you feel like a grown up when holidays are no longer spent in your parent's homes because you want to start making memories for your child in their home. Our families have been wonderful accomodating us with this change and we are glad that we are able to have both sides of our family together at once. For many years like most families, we shuffled between Macon and LaGrange for the holidays to make sure we got to see everyone. I have always enjoyed that but I also am enjoying not having to drive all over the place!

Thanksgiving is Johny's favorite holiday...I can't imagine why...the FOOD of course!! So we had a traditional Thanksgiving feast and then enjoyed the afternoon spending time with one another. It's fun learning how to cook the famous recipes of those that have come before us and keeping them in the family for the future. I have to say Hatcher was a big fan of his lunch and dinner!

Christmas took on a whole new meaning this year! Buying for Hatcher was fun for all of us I think. The child got SO. MANY. NEW. TOYS!! Such a wonderful blessing but our house is literally busting at the seams with toys. He loves it and that's all that matters. We had my sister and both sets of parents here for Christmas morning so everyone could see Hatcher's face when he saw what Santa brought him. I think he was more concerned with why everyone was here so early and staring at him!! Once he saw the toys though, it was on! He played his little heart out so much so that he slept right through lunch. Poor guy. But don't worry, he got to eat when he woke up and he enjoyed it. After lunch, he got round two of his gifts from all of his grandparents, great grandparents and aunt. It was a blast to watch and I honestly can't wait for next year already!

Here are a few pictures capturing our sweet little love on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Hatcher's artwork for our table scape!

Hatcher & Aunt Britney

My little family! :)

Hatcher with Poppy & Grammie
Hatcher's Granddaddy & Nana

Hatcher with Santa at Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens

Baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve

He was the taste tester! :)

And then he ate Santa's cookies!!

LOVED the Thomas train Santa brought him!

Playing in Poppy's hat

Our family on Christmas Day

He was so pumped about his wagon that he was squealing with excitement!

How cute is that backpack?!?!

Watching Thomas on tv while sitting in his wagon!

That boy loves his Aunt B!

The most precious gift in the world! :)


  1. Kristin, He is SO precious! Riggs had that little polo plaid outfit when he was that age:) It goes by too fast! Hope ya'll are doing well and enjoying your sweet baby boy!

    1. Thank you, Tara! That outfit is one of my favorites! We are having so much fun. I wish we could get them all together to play sometime!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Courtney! It's the cutest thing watching him walk around with it on his back.